About Us

The Columbia River Roundup (CRRU) is a conference providing the message of AA & Al-Anon to the alcoholic & family members who still suffer and to create an environment of unity, cooperation, opportunities for service along with love and support for all members and family members in the Portland Vancouver metro area and surrounding areas by providing AA & Al-Anon speakers, topic panels & workshops and marathon meetings along with acquainting members with all activities available throughout the area.

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Conference Speakers

  • Susan L. (AFG) – Broomall, PA
  • Mari G. (AA) – Toronto, ON (Canada)
  • Jack G. (AA) – Huntington Beach, CA
  • Charlie C. (AA) – Burbank, CA
  • Sheree K. (AA) – Long Island NY
  • Danny D. (AA) – El Segundo, CA
  • Rona Yellow Robe (AA) – Chippewa Cree Nation

Conference Activities